Thursday, December 06, 2007

International Blanket Day 2007

Dear friends,

Do you fear the possible impact of "Global Warming"? I do too. But for millions of people around the world, it is not global warming they fear most - it is the winter cold.

The storms and the sharp cold, which have penetrated the most comfortable of our homes, and made us, in all our wrappers and mufflers, shiver through the streets, have started fallen on the broken shanties and leaky rooms of the poor. Children, half clothed, are struggling to survive.

While most of us have already stitched our beautiful woollen quilts and purchased the furry blankets which tempt us to stay in bed till late in the morning, let us not forget the poor souls who cover themselves with the frost of the season and the agonies accompanying it. A minor contribution from our side can make a major impact in their lives this winter.

International Blanket Day (IBD) started in the winter of 2001 in memory of a great humanitarian who used to silently distribute hundreds of blankets to the poor people of Calcutta every winter. It was in his memory that 9th December, the date of his passing away, was established, first as "National Blanket Day" and subsequently, in 2004, as "International Blanket Day". From a modest beginning in a classroom in Ahmedabad, the effort has slowly but surely been gaining acceptance across boundaries and borders. Details of IBD 2004 are available at madclub.blogspot.com. IBD 2005, which was dedicated to the survivors of the devastating Pakistan-India earthquake, saw a net collection of US$ 4,375 which was utilized towards earthquake relief.

Your contribution could be as simple as donating a blanket or some warm clothes to a needy person this winter. For any help / suggestions, please contact blanketday@yahoo.com and we will revert ASAP. We would also request that each of you who makes a donation or organizes a "mini collection drive" informs us of his / her contribution by sending an email to blanketday@yahoo.com. This will help us keep track of the impact of the movement.

Come on, lets make a difference!!!

Team International Blanket Day

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