Monday, October 03, 2005

Appeal from SHM

(MAD Club Independent Project IX)

(Contact Person : Mamoon Akhtar, shm7@rediffmail.com)

For a brief introduction on SHM, click here.

Here is a letter from Mamoon Akhtar, the visionary young founder of the Samaritan Help Mission (SHM). Please help as much as you can. For details, email Mamoon Akhtar directly.

(Transcript of letter dated 24-Sep-05)

First of all I would like to convey my heartiest thanks and love from my very poor but loving family of 400 Children of Samaritan Help Mission.

Our Motive is to help the people on need not on creed.

Note that our area Tikiyapara in Kolkata is a muslim dominated area having 80% muslims and 20% non-muslims. The beneficiaries of SHM Project consist of the same ratio. Due to poverty, illiteracy and ignorance, children have been involved in drug trafficking and peddling. Women are been exploited by the Drug Mafia. Our Mission is to save the children from the clutches of the Drug Mafia and also the women. By making them empowered, the daughters of the MILLAT will not have to sell their conscience and dignity to bring a daily loaf of bread for her family and children. In the past, those children who used to stand on the street selling drugs and waiting for the customers, now come on time, books in polythene bag in their hand, to SHM.

Thank you for asking how you can support SHM. Note that we have limited resources. The Almighty has Sent Shri Ramesh Kacholia Uncle & Mrs. Lee Alison Sibley W/o Ex-US Consul General in Kolkata who send most of the support from their personal resources as well as garner support from their well wishers and friends. The local individual interested person donates to the SHM cause in the shape of Rs. 100/- or Rs. 50/- per month. Besides, children give Rs. 5/- per month. Many people come and donate copies, books, pencils etc to SHM, on the eve of their children's birthday. We motivate people to donate pencils, copies, pencils boxes on the eve of their children birthday so that children will develop the feeling of giving and helping the fellow human being. As the IDD & Durga Puja is coming near we have motivated the local people to help us so that we could give the underprivileged old aged and orphan children of SHM clothes in Durga Puja & IDD, which we do every year.

We appeal to the people to help us with whatever capacity they have so that we an run our Educational, Vocational Training and other projects smoothly. We can give the honorarium to our Girl Volunteers who are college Going Students, and they render their services for teaching these unfortunate children, in lieu they receive honorarium of Rs.125/- each so that they could pay their college fees and continue their studies. They all come from poor families.

We humbly request you to help us under your capacity and tell your friends and well wishers to help SHM cause in the name of their late beloved ones. We need support for running of our Illiteracy Elimination Program, Vocational Training Program, Computer Literacy Program, and Sponsorship of Orphan or underprivileged Girl or Boy for continuing their studies.

Please note we are running our School in three shift in 600 sqft of Land. In the past we had only one class room running classes upto I & II, but with Ramesh uncle's personal support and support from his friends, we have been able to build one additional room, and are now running classes upto Class I, II, III, IV.

We are trying to get a land for the school so that we could start school upto class X, and maintaining the corpus fund for it. Hence we request you to support us under your individual capacity for running of the SHM programmes. The support of people will make our mission more strong.

We request you to donate a portion of your heart to the most needy and unfortunate children and ensure them to the holistic approach to education. We shall be happy if you always write few lines to us, which will give us encouragement.

Your brother with love

Mamoon Akhtar.



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