Friday, July 15, 2005

Project GC

(MAD Club independent Project VIII)

(Project Coordinator: Madiha Salam)

MAD Club introduces Project Gain Confidence (GC) -- a project targeted towards people who are shy and timid and thereby suffer in landing that dream job, gaining admission to that prestigious college, or simply making a positive impact on people!

Why Project GC?

The key reason behind this project is to create awareness among people, all of who carry natural God-gifted talents within themselves -- talents which are often left hidden, unrevelaled, unencouraged and thereby unrewarded! This project encourages them to Dare to Dream, and unearth their intrinsic talents through overcoming their lack of self-confidence and due to factors like crowd fright. Self-confidence is the need of the hour and without it many otherwise achievable targets become impossible -- especially in the fields of study and jobs.

What are the objectives of Project GC?

The objectives of Project GC are:

1. To build self-confidence in people who believe they are too shy and timid to face a crowd
2. To help people cope with their current situations and take appropriate steps to overcome their shyness and timidity
3. To provide a common forum for people to share their unique experiences to overcome shyness for the benefit of others

Who will benefit?

This project will be beneficial for people (especially youth) who lack confidence in the following areas:

1. In their social lives
2. In their academic circles and school / college / university lives
3. In their co-curricular and extra-curricular activities
4. In their projects and jobs

Project GC would provide a forum for interaction between people who are confident and people who are not. The less confident people would benefit from the collective wisdom and training of the confident people, while the confident people would be able to contribute though sharing their experiences and thereby immeasurably enriching the lives and future of the less confident!

How can people participate in it?

The entire project has been conceptualised and implemented by a dynamic young girl, Madiha Salam, from Pakistan. What makes Project GC unique is that this project has been envisaged entirely from an altruistic perspective with the sole intention of helping others for free.

The current format would involve one-on-one counselling and advice to those who need it, and sharing experiences, writeups and presentations. In the not-too-distant future, the project may expand to taking personal classes and giving lectures on motivation and confidence building.

There is also an Orkut Community named "Gain Confidence" which provides a common forum for sharing of experiences.

Project GC has the potential to make an explosive impact in the lives of those who really need it. So come join Project GC. Come help Make a Difference to our youth.

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