Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Safety for Field Volunteers + Update

Safety for Volunteers:

If you know any potential on-site volunteers, please pass the following info on to them so they can take adequate precautions. Some of it is obvious, but one can never be too careful ...

1. Tetanus toxoid immunization, if possible, to protect you in case of any cuts or scratches. This is a relatively painless injection and can be given to you by your family physician. At present there is no advisory for any medical prophylaxis, but do keep checking the sites.

2. Mosquito repellent: To protect you from Vector born viral and parasitic disease. You could carry a tube of odomos and apply it to exposed skin.

3. Chlorine drops or tablets: Waterborne disease is the biggest threat, and you need to ensure your water is safe. One to two bottles should be enough, you need to follow the instructions on the package. For purifying water, Chloriwat or Jeevanraksha, both priced at rs 16 for 25 ml, lasting a week as well ( since you need 3 drops for 10 litres of water).

4. Hand disinfection: In case water for washing is a problem, a solution for disinfection is available - Sterillium, Rs. 75 for a 100 ml bottle, which should last a week.

5. Avoid eating raw veggies. Bananas are the safest food as they can be eaten unwashed, and can be peeled without touching the part to be eaten. Please ensure food is always covered and protected from flies. Flies carry a lot of bacteria because they tend to land on different objects before landing on the food.

Current requirements for field volunteers:

1. If you are Tamil speaking, you should commit at least 8/9 days.

2. If you are non-Tamil speaking, then we need a slightly longer term commitment. There is an urgent need for female volunteers who can commit at least 2 weeks. Male volunteers should commit at least 3-4 weeks.

3. There is also an urgent need for medical doctors who are willing to commit at least more than a week.

Immediate material requirement:

(Kindly only source for free in bulkā€”NO INDIVIDUAL COLLECTION DRIVES):

1. Soaps
2. Detergent bars (not powder)
3. Tooth paste/ toothpowder
4. Tooth brush
5. Hair oil
6. Sanitary napkins

For now no dry foods or medication is required. This will change in the next 4 days.

For the above materials, the requirement is between 500 and 1000 pieces each.

For detailed list of requirements (immediate and slightly longer term), kindly refer previous post.

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