Saturday, July 16, 2005

Appeal for Aid

Sub : Donation for some outstanding institutions involved in the work of education of underprivileged children in rural/tribal/slum areas

Mr Ramesh Kacholia is an outstanding humanitarian worker. Apart from being a flagbearer for Baba Amte's Maharogi Sewa Samiti, he is closely associated with almost 15 NGOs, most of which are deeply involved in the education and rehabilitation of the underprivileged children from Red Light Areas, Railway Platforms, Street Children etc. His office acts as the Mumbai Office for all these institutions. The schools have just started for the current Academic Year. At this time, all these NGOs are in need of funds.

Enclosed herewith is a note giving brief details of six of these institutions. We encourage you to talk to some of your close friends and associates and urge them to help these outstanding institutions . For full contact details of each institution, or if you or your close friends and associates need any additional information / literature etc, please contact the institution directly via email. Alternately, you may contact Mr Ramesh Kacholia at glorimex@vsnl.com or Suhail Kassim at suhailkassim@yahoo.com for contact details and any other information.

The A/c Payee cheques drawn in favour of the institutions can be sent directly to the concerned institution. Alternately, they can be forwarded to Mr Ramesh Kacholia or Suhail Kassim, and we shall arrange to deliver the necessary receipts along with IT Exemption Certificate to you.

We encourage you to personally visit these organizations as per your convenience and witness first-hand the amazing work they are doing. Each of them have struggled against all odds and have done a truly remarkable job. Anyone who visits them is greatly impressed and returns with the feeling that they extract maximum benefit from every rupee donated to them.

The dynamic husband-wife duo of Syed Afzal and Sakina Ahmed run two NGOs in Ranchi (Jharkhand). These are the Karra Society for Rural Action (KSRA) and the Kalanga Bazar Educational Trust (KBET). KSRA and KBET, established over 10 years ago, work in urban and rural poverty-stricken areas to help women, children, and disadvantaged communities become empowered through education, health and economic independence. Groups of women organized into Self-Help Groups (SHGs) get all the necessary training, loans, and support to start their own businesses. Poverty-stricken children are receiving non-formal education in 25 centers. KSRA and KBET have raised women's awareness of reproductive health, family planning, nutrition and sanitation. These are amazing organizations which started from very humble beginnings and is now doing an unbelievable amount of work. KSRA has now started a school for primary children in the slums and tribal areas of Ranchi in Jharkhand, where 50 students are already enrolled. The school is from Class 1 to 5. The operational expenditure for the school will amount to minimum Rs 12 Lacs every year. Pls issue your cheque in favour of 'Karra Society for Rural Action' (50% tax exemption).

Email ID: rch_ksra@sancharnet.in

The Founder Director is Vinayak Lohani, an IIT Kharagpur and IIM Calcutta Graduate. Totally inspired by ideals of Swami Ramkrishnaji Paramhans and Swami Vivekanand. Has taken Brahmacharya about 6 months ago and has decided to devote his life for the education and total rehabilitation of the most down trodden children ( e.g. children from red light areas, from railway platforms, destitute children etc). Right now developing insfrastructure costing about Rs 70 Lacs. The number of children has gone up from 3 to 110 in the last 18 months and is likely to reach between 175-200 by year end . The recurring expenses for the current year are expected to be about Rs 28 Lacs. We propose to raise a substantial portion through the sponsorship scheme already operating successfully for nearly a year. The annual total cost for looking after one child comes to Rs. 15,000.

Email ID: vinayak@parivaar.org, parivaar_mission@yahoo.com
Website: http://www.parivaar.org/

A Group of 6 Muslim Youths who live in Tikiapara slum of Howrah near Kolkata are trying hard to save the children of their slum from falling easy prey to anti-social elements who want to forcibly induct them in nefarious activities like boot legging, drug peddling, smuggling and prostitution. SHM is trying to provide quality education to these children upto 4 th standard in their own school (run in 3 shifts to accommodate all the students) and then by enrolling them in the nearby good schools. The Trustees of SHM act as the guardians of these children. Starting from 6 students in 1999, today the school has almost 380 students (majority muslim girls, but there are students from other communities also). The school is open to all communities and the motto of SHM as embossed on their letterhead is, " WE GO BY NEED, AND NOT BY CREED".
SHM is now trying to establish in their locality a full-fledged school from KG to 10 th Standard duly recognized by the Govt. They are looking for a piece of land in the Tikiapara Area. For this purpose, they are contacting various Govt Authorities and are also looking at the option of renting or purchasing a land in their area.
If SHM receives any major donations for this purpose, it will be kept as a separate fixed deposit and utilized for the purpose of purchasing the land and building the school thereon.
(50% Tax Exemption)

Email ID: shm7@rediffmail.com

Dr Girish Kulkarni, the young (35) Founder Director of Snehalay is running this institution for 15 years. The thrust of their work is to improve the living conditions of CSWs in Ahmednagar and nearby towns, provide Medical & Educational Facilities to their children, provide pre-primary education to children of the worst slums in Ahmednagar. A wonderful team of totally dedicated young persons is doing truly outstanding work under the leadership of Girish. Pls issue your cheque in favour of Snehalay (50% tax exemption).

Email ID : snehalay@rediffmail.com

The pitiable conditions of tribals in Orissa led to the foundation of this organization. They run a High School, a Hospital and Cold Storage Plant for the benefit of the local people in Boxma, Orissa for the last 20 years. Please issue your cheque in favour of 'Srishti' (50% tax exemption).

Email ID: omsrishti@yahoo.com, omsrishti@sancharnet.in

Baba Amte's world renowned organization has received sanction to accept donations under 35AC (100% exemption) to the extent of Rs. 82 Lacs under 3 heads. If anyone is keen to donate only when he/she gets 100% tax exemption, he/she is welcome to donate to MSS.

Website: http://mss.niya.org/

Friday, July 15, 2005

Project GC

(MAD Club independent Project VIII)

(Project Coordinator: Madiha Salam)

MAD Club introduces Project Gain Confidence (GC) -- a project targeted towards people who are shy and timid and thereby suffer in landing that dream job, gaining admission to that prestigious college, or simply making a positive impact on people!

Why Project GC?

The key reason behind this project is to create awareness among people, all of who carry natural God-gifted talents within themselves -- talents which are often left hidden, unrevelaled, unencouraged and thereby unrewarded! This project encourages them to Dare to Dream, and unearth their intrinsic talents through overcoming their lack of self-confidence and due to factors like crowd fright. Self-confidence is the need of the hour and without it many otherwise achievable targets become impossible -- especially in the fields of study and jobs.

What are the objectives of Project GC?

The objectives of Project GC are:

1. To build self-confidence in people who believe they are too shy and timid to face a crowd
2. To help people cope with their current situations and take appropriate steps to overcome their shyness and timidity
3. To provide a common forum for people to share their unique experiences to overcome shyness for the benefit of others

Who will benefit?

This project will be beneficial for people (especially youth) who lack confidence in the following areas:

1. In their social lives
2. In their academic circles and school / college / university lives
3. In their co-curricular and extra-curricular activities
4. In their projects and jobs

Project GC would provide a forum for interaction between people who are confident and people who are not. The less confident people would benefit from the collective wisdom and training of the confident people, while the confident people would be able to contribute though sharing their experiences and thereby immeasurably enriching the lives and future of the less confident!

How can people participate in it?

The entire project has been conceptualised and implemented by a dynamic young girl, Madiha Salam, from Pakistan. What makes Project GC unique is that this project has been envisaged entirely from an altruistic perspective with the sole intention of helping others for free.

The current format would involve one-on-one counselling and advice to those who need it, and sharing experiences, writeups and presentations. In the not-too-distant future, the project may expand to taking personal classes and giving lectures on motivation and confidence building.

There is also an Orkut Community named "Gain Confidence" which provides a common forum for sharing of experiences.

Project GC has the potential to make an explosive impact in the lives of those who really need it. So come join Project GC. Come help Make a Difference to our youth.

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