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Pakistan-India Earthquake : Master List of Aid Agencies

Note 1 : The following lists will be updated periodically. Please keep checking to avail the latest information and updates.

Note 2 : Check http://quakehelp.blogspot.com (from the Tsunami-related SEA-EAT blog team) for continuous updates.

Note 3 : First timers please read the previous post before proceeding.


You can select your preferred Aid Agency / NGO according to the following listing :



The materials could be Clothes, Blankets, Footwear, Medicines etc.

1. Rotary Club of Hyderabad

Person Spoken To : Mr. Sanjay Khendry of Rotary Club of Hyderabad East

They are doing relief work in the Indian affected areas. They may be willing to collect materials from a central location, but they would prefer that donors courier the materials directly to the Rotary Club units working in J&K. Further details will be available soon.

Contact Details :

Rotary Club of India URL : http://www.rotaryindia.net/

All Rotary Club Details : http://www.rccentralcal.org/link_below.html

Rotary Club of Hyderabad :
Flat No.403 D No.3-5-798 Pratima Apts.
Opp. Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan
King Kothi Road
Tel. 040-23243101

Rotary Club of Hyderabad East :
Mr. Sanjay Khendry
Email: skhendry@Rotary3150.org
Phone: +91 40 5543 6299

2. Indian Red Cross Society

Person Spoken To : Mr. Satish (040-23221748)

They prefer new materials. If the materials are old they should be clean, washed and ironed. They will revert soon on whether they can arrange for pickup from a central location.

Contact details :

Indian Red Cross URL : http://www.indianredcross.org/south-india.html

IFRC India URL : http://www.ifrc.org/where/country/cn6.asp?countryid=84

Andhra Pradesh State Branch
Indian Red Cross Society,Raj Bhavan, Hyderabad-500041
Contact numbers : 040-23221748, 23260201

Online donation : http://donate.ifrc.org

3. Aga Khan Development Network (AKDN) (Working through FOCUS)

Person Spoken To : Mr. Sarfaraz (022-23001726)

The immediate requirement is for winterized tents. They are collecting clothes and blankets also, but they prefer donation of funds for various reasons. Donors will get 50% tax exemption. Right now, they have sent 1000 blankets and have not yet started the next round of blanket collection, but will do so soon. For clothes, they do not want old / used clothes, they only want new clothes – but again, they prefer cash donations for reasons mentioned elsewhere in this post.

Contact details :

AKDN URL : www.akdn.org

FOCUS URL : http://www.akdn.org/focus/index.html#contacts

AKDN Mumbai
Focus Humanitarian Assistance, India
4th Floor, Warden Building, 340, Sir J.J. Road,
Byculla, Mumbai 400 008
Tel: + 91 222 300 1726 /1749
Fax: +91 22 2300 1792

4. Action Aid

Here is a letter from Action Aid (Srinagar) :

(Reference http://pakistan.wikicities.com/wiki/Earthquake_10-05_in_India)

Dear Friend,

If you live anywhere in India here is one way that you can help, in your own small way, the suffering victims of the recent earthquake in Kashmir:

You can collect or buy warm clothes, blankets, sleeping bags, sheets etc [in good condition please] from friends and relatives and then arrange to send them by truck/road transport to Kashmir [which will be cheaper, although less fast, than courier]. Please note that all this material should be in GOOD condition, and not torn or unusable. Please do NOT send dirty, torn or very old and fraying material.

Think of the thousands of people suffering in Kashmir with severe winter now approaching.

You could send them to my friend Arjimand Hussain, who heads Action Aid in Kashmir, who will arrange to distribute them in affected villages in Kupwara and Baramulla. The parcel [s] should be addressed to:

Arjimand Hussain

Action Aid
H-12 Cooperative Colony
Jammu and Kashmir
Cell no: (0)9419004521

(Res): 0191-2476367

Regards, and in solidarity,

Yoginder Sikand


The materials could be Clothes, Blankets, Footwear, Medicines etc.

1. Edhi Foundation

Contact details : http://www.contactpakistan.com/socialwork/Edhi/Intloffice.htm

2. Association for the Development of Pakistan (ADP)

(Working with the Edhi Foundation)

Contact details : http://www.developpakistan.org/Default.aspx?tabid=149

3. Insanity Works Blog

URL : http://www.insanityworks.org/earthquake_relief.html

This has links to sites for donating goods, money, blood units and volunteering :

Goods : http://www.insanityworks.org/earthquake_relief--goods.html

Money : http://www.insanityworks.org/earthquake_relief--money.html

Blood units : http://www.insanityworks.org/earthquake_relief--blood.html

Volunteering : http://www.insanityworks.org/earthquake_relief--volunteer.html

4. Pakistan Medical Association

Refer http://madclub.blogspot.com/2005/10/pakistan-india-earthquake-pakistan.html


The funds could be in the form of Cash, Cheque, Money Order, DD, Online or e-Deposit.

1. PM's National Relief Fund

Checks/Money Orders should be drawn in favor of "Prime Minister's National Relief Fund" and can be sent to any one of the following addresses:

Prime Minister's Office
New Delhi 110011


Prime Minister's National Relief Fund
Embassy of India
Attn: Head of Chancery
2107 Massachusetts Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20008

For details on contributing Online or via e-Deposit, and for more information on PM's National Relief Fund Website, visit : http://pmindia.nic.in/relief.htm.

See also : http://pakistan.wikicities.com/wiki/Earthquake_10-05_in_India


Person Spoken To : Mr. Prasad of UNICEF Hyderabad office

For earthquake relief, UNICEF is only collecting funds. For donating materials, they recommend the Red Cross.

Contact details :

URL : http://www.unicef.org/infobycountry/india_india_contact.html

Hyderabad Field Office Mail address :
United Nations Children's Fund
D. No. 865
Street No. 19, Himayathnagar
Hyderabad 500 029
Andhra Pradesh, India
Tel.: 040- 23227236 / 23227226 / 23227328 / 23227335
Email : Hyderabad@unicef.org

3. Eficor

Person Spoken To : Ms. Sheela George (+91-11-25516383)

Eficor is not accepting materials. They are accepting donations. Donation can be in any of the following two ways:

a. Online donation

Go to : http://eficor.org/ ==> Get Involved ==> Donate ==> India

ICICI branch EFICOR account No: 008701018157 Janakpuri Branch

After donation, please send a confirmatory email (mentioning your postal address) to eficorhq@vsnl.com or info@eficor.com. They will send you the receipt & ATG relief form by post.

b. Donation by post

Make your Cheque or Demand Drafts drawn in favor of "EFICOR, New Delhi".

Contact details:

URL http://eficor.org

Postal address:
308 Mahatta Tower
B Block Community Centre
New Delhi 110 058
Telefax +91-11-25516383/4/5
Email: eficorhq@vsnl.com / info@eficor.com

4. Chinar (Child Nurture and Relief)

Donation details URL : http://www.chinar.org/appeal.htm

5. AID India

Refer http://madclub.blogspot.com/2005/10/pakistan-india-earthquake-aid-india.html


The funds could be in the form of Cash, Cheque, Money Order, DD, Online or e-Deposit.

1. Mercy Corps

Mercy Corps URL : http://www.mercycorps.org

Online donation URL : http://www.mercycorps.org/topics/emergencies/910

2. Hidaya Foundation

Hidaya Foundation URL : http://www.hidaya.org

Online donation URL : https://donation.hidaya.org/donation.aspx?projectId=66

Zakat-ul-Mal Online donation URL : https://donation.hidaya.org/donation.aspx?projectId=40

3. Oxfam

Online donation URL : http://www.oxfam.org.uk/what_you_can_do/give_to_oxfam/donate/asian_quake.htm

Oxfam International URL : http://www.oxfam.org.uk/what_we_do/emergencies/country/asian_quake/index.htm

Oxfam India URL : http://www.oxfam.org.uk/what_we_do/where_we_work/india/index.htm

Pakistan-India Earthquake : Important Note



Most NGOs have not yet been able to access the affected areas.

Of the few who have, most are not accepting materials. They prefer money donations because :

  1. Organizing the collection, sorting, fumigation, loading and dispatch of the materials is very difficult for them as it needs full-time workers. It is also time consuming and delays the relief work. For instance, the journey from Mumbai to the affected areas by road is 6 days! Hence they need to airlift the materials, which again is very costly and difficult to organize.
  2. They find it logistically much easier and more practical to use the money to buy the materials directly in and near the affected areas. Plus they can collect everyone's money and buy in bulk, which gives them a bulk discount, which you and I cannot avail individually.
  3. They mostly need new blankets, clothes etc. Not used ones. So they prefer not to accept our second hand materials and instead prefer to use our donations to buy new materials themselves.
  4. What we donate may be very different from what is actually needed on the ground. For instance, most of the victims are Pathans and Punjabis who would wear a specific kind of attire – so all the t-shirts, frocks and saris sent there will end up being wasted. Thus, because of local & cultural factors, most non-cash donations end up being unused.
  5. Cash donations enable the NGOs to buy exactly what is really needed, e.g. winterized tents, specifically required medicines.
  6. Local sourcing (i.e. buying material from the affected areas) also gives a boost to the local economy.

How can you help?

  1. The best way to help is by personally volunteering to work with a reliable NGO or aid agency, and working either onsite or offsite.
  2. If (1) is not possible, clearly the next best option is to donate funds. Read the note on Perspective above to understand why.
  3. If (2) is also not possible and you are intent on donating materials (clothes, blankets, footwear, medicines etc.), please try and buy new ones instead of old / used ones. Ask your NGO what kind of clothes you should buy - e.g. salwar kameez and pathani suits would be more useful than t-shirts, jeans, frocks and saris.
  4. If (3) is also not possible and you wish to donate old / used material, please confirm with your NGO if they will accept it if it is washed & ironed.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

International Blanket Day 2005

Two million homeless people face a harsh winter – The Guardian

Government acknowledges dire need for blankets in quake affected areas -

Cold kills hundreds in South Asia last winter -

Dear friends

It is that time of the year when 90% of the population of extensive parts of South Asia – from the malnourished beggar, to the debt-ridden small-time farmer; from the poor girl child, to the wafer-thin lady who works as a manual laborer; from the residents of slums and shanties, to those whose beds adorn the pavements of frozen roads – start feeling the first pangs of biting cold.

It is mid October, the unwelcome month which heralds the arrival of yet another harsh unforgiving winter in North India, Pakistan, Afghanistan and neighboring areas.

And this year will be worse. Immeasurably so. For this year, it is not just the above mentioned who will suffer – it will also be people who “normally” would never have experienced such cold, but who, in the Winter of 2005, will. These are the victims of the tragic Pakistan-India earthquake which has left millions
homeless and without shelter from the fury of Mother Nature.

To quote from

“For thousands of survivors of Pakistan's worst-ever natural disaster, the misery continues.

“Most spent a shivering fourth night in the open, too afraid to use what is left of their damaged houses amid the ruins of a catastrophe that has left at least 23,000 dead in Pakistan and some 2.5 million homeless.

"The lucky ones managed to find themselves blankets and some even tents to protect against the cold. Others made do with pieces of cardboard and slept between mounds of rubble on the pavements.

"All emerged from the freezing night to find that snow had fallen on the peaks surrounding the once-picturesque Kashmiri city.

" 'That was the fourth night we slept in the open,' said Khurshid Bibi, pointing to her family of 15 camped on the roadside outside their collapsed house in Gulshan street. 'We were very, very cold. We need tents and blankets.'

"During Tuesday's rain they had sheltered in the only room left standing of their home, but they had been afraid it would collapse.

" 'It's hard living on the street. My mother is very ill.' "

Need one say more?

In light of this devastating tragedy, the MAD Club launches International Blanket Day 2005 (IBD2005). But with a difference!

The objective of IBD2005 is : "To help the survivors of the Pakistan-India earthquake survive the harsh winter of 2005-06. And thereby to help them rebuild their lives, one small step at a time".

The modus operandi of IBD2005 is going to be different from IBD2001 – IBD2004. For the first time in its 5-year existence, IBD2005 is going to steer away from its core theme of “individual donations” and is going to focus on the modus operandi of “mini collection drives” - albeit individually organized. Why? Because, when dealing with devastation of this magnitude, individuals just do not have the time, money, energy and resources to individually make a noticeable difference to the large number of survivors. But collectively, working together under focused direction in a cohesive and systematic manner, they can move mountains.

It’s basic mathematics : In times of such international crises, 1 = 1, but 1 + 1 = 11!

So this time, the onus is on each individual - on each one of us - not just to donate on our own, but to organize "mini collection drives" and thereby get others to donate too!

The Process for IBD2005

  1. Each person (henceforth referred to as "contributor") would buy a blanket. In case the contributor cannot afford a new blanket, he or she is welcome to donate an old blanket.
  2. Other items which can be collected, and which would be very useful, are:
    a. Warm clothes (sweaters, cardigans, scarves, socks, shawls ... )
    b. Any other clothes (shirts, trousers, kurtas, lungis ... )
    c. Footwear (slippers, shoes ... )
    d. Medicines (sample list given here)
    e. School or tuition fees, study books or materials (note pads, pens, pencils, erasers, sharpeners, rulers, geometry boxes, pencil boxes, school bags ... )
    f. Money
  3. Once the contributor has collected his/her share of the above, he/she will then organize "mini collection drives" to gather as much of the above material as possible. Some target groups among which these drives can be organized are:
    a. Family
    b. Friends
    c. Neighbourhoods / building societies
    d. Schools
    e. Colleges
    f. Workplaces
    g. Other groups - Internet acquaintances, NGOs you may know, friendly govt organizations, libraries, clubs etc.
  4. Please collect as much of the above as you can buy / spare, both through your individual efforts as well as through your "mini collection drives".
  5. We will shortly provide city-wise details of who to contact for handing over the material you have collected.

At the end of the day, there should be just that extra bit of warmth and happiness in this increasingly cold and frosty world of ours.

How can you help?

The dream is very lofty. The resources are very scarce.

You can help immeasurably simply by participating.

You can help even more if your answer to any of the following questions is a "Yes":

  1. Do you have family, friends and acquaintances with who you can share this message? Do you know people who are willing and able to create a warmer and happier world?
  2. Can you get together with your friends on any Sunday or half holiday, and organize a "mini collection drive" on your own? It will not take more than a few hours, and trust me, the kick you will experience is not worth missing!
  3. Is your academic institute or workplace willing to undertake a "mini collection drive" for earthquake relief?
  4. Do you have ideas or recommendations or contacts for spreading news of this request to the maximum number of people? Any and all suggestions are most welcome.
  5. And finally, is anyone interested in volunteering to join Team International Blanket Day 2005 (TIBD2005)? Based on the level of your participation, we will assign TIBD Coordinators for your school / college / organization / locality / city / country.
    (List of last year's coordinators given here).

If you have answered a "Yes" to any of the above, and if you are willing to participate, please email blanketday@yahoo.com. Please mention your name and city / country of residence. All your inputs, feedback, suggestions, ideas, queries, clarifications and offers to help will be keenly appreciated. We promise to revert ASAP.

We also request that each of you who makes a donation / organizes a "mini collection drive" informs us of his / her contribution by sending an email to blanketday@yahoo.com. This will help us keep track of the impact of the movement.

So come. Join us in celebrating December 9th as International Blanket Day.

And let us Make A Difference. Together.

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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Pakistan-India Earthquake : Aid India

Letter from Aid India:

Dear Friends,

As you know a huge earthquake of magnitude 7.6 struck Muzaffarabad region of Pakistan on 8th October. This earthquake is bigger than the Gujarat earthquake. A large part of Pakistan and Kashmir was badly affected. 800 people in Kashmir are dead and more than 2400 are injured. Pakistan has suffered a major loss of life - more than 40000 people have died. Indian and Pakistan governments are working together to speed up relief operations.Many more people are injured and still buried under the debris.

We are in touch with a number of groups working on basic relief in both India and Pakistan. There is a lot of urgent help that is needed by these organizations. At this point, we are collecting funds from all over India and relief materials at Delhi. Volunteer doctors and medical supplies are needed to work in Kashmir. Warm clothing, tents and make-shift shelter arrangements are also needed urgently.

Because of the transportation problems involved - at this stage - we are NOT collecting relief materials in Chennai, Mumbai, etc. The relief materials are being collected only at Delhi. Please contact Anuj Grover -0-98182-48459 - if you want to donate relief materials.

Relief materials will be sent to:

1.Kashmir valley: through the The Servants of the People Society which is starting relief work in Baramula. Their trucks are leaving from New Delhi on the 13th. Contact person: Dr Satya Paulji (0 98111 12705) or Mani (011-2642 7650).

2. Pakistan: through the Pakistan-India People's Forum for Peace & Democracy(PIPFPD) which is collecting relief supplies in Delhi and will be transporting it to Pakistan.

Apart from relief supplies, we also need a lot of funds. There are several organizations in both India and Pakistan that we are in touch with who require financial support for their relief and rehabilitation work. We have set up a special fund for this purpose in AID-INDIA: "Indo-Pak Earthquake Relief and Rehabilitation Fund".

We request you to donate generously and also to collect funds from your friends and colleagues for the Earthquake relief. All donations can be made by cheques payable to "AID-INDIA" and marked or with an attached letter for "Indo-Pak Earthquake Relief".

If you are in Delhi, please make a cheque to "AID-INDIA" and contact Anuj Grover: 0-98182-48459.

In Bangalore, please make cheque to "AID-INDIA" and contact Aradhana:0-98455-37269.

If you are in Mumbai, please contact T. Shankar: 0-98208-06127, Om Damani: 9323003401

If you are in Chennai or anywhere else, please post your cheques to:

New No 34, II Floor, Rathenam Street
Gopalapuram, Chennai - 600086
Phone: 044-28350403, 94440-61033
email: aid.info@gmail.com

Please forward this information to other friends who would be interested in helping the earthquake victims.

Balaji Sampath

Note: Please note that due to logistic issues, we are not collecting any goods but just the funds. Please feel free to contact us with suggestions. Please forward it to others who may be interested.

Monday, October 10, 2005

Pakistan - India Earthquake : Pakistan Medical Association

A letter from Dr. Shafaq Yusuf of Karachi, Pakistan :

Dear friends

As you all know very well that disaster in its worst form ever has hit South Asia. Pakistan's Azad Kashmir is the worst hit area. Over 41,00 people according to unofficial reports have died – and there are areas still inaccessible where thousands of people buried under the rubble have not been counted in the official death toll as yet. We do not yet know what the final death toll would be.

The number of injured people is still greater. And due to after shocks, the hospitals have been evacuated as well. Patients are lying on the grounds. Doctors and other rescuers have been working non stop for over 50 hours. Dead bodies have started to rot, and epidemics may start to spread soon if action is not taken promptly.

People all over the country have stood up to the task, and everyone is doing their level best to help the victims.

This fax was sent today in the morning regarding the things that are needed according to one organization working in the Mansehra area. Of course the requirements given below are not sufficient to meet the needs of all the places affected, but still it is quite a lot, and these medicines and other materials are immediately needed. I request you to send as much help as you can, in whatever form, to us.

Kindly donate generously, because no one knows who might be needing help next.

May God bless those who have been affected,and help us all.

Dr. Shafaq Yusuf


Postal Address to send medicines / supplies / outstation cheques:
PMA House, Sir Aga Khan III Road, Garden East, Karachi, Pakistan
Tel. No. : +92-21-2251159

Bank A/C Details for DD/Cheques:
C/O PMA House, Habib Bank SDV Branch Acc. No. 423-59


Note 1 : Please do not give medicines which have crossed the expiry date.

Note 2 : Please do not give empty or used medicines.

Spirit - 100 litre
Dettol - 50 litres
Cap.Amoxil 500 mg - 1000
Inj. Ampiclox 500 mg - 1000
Inj Velosef 500 mg - 1000
Inj Volium - 500
Inj Anjinox - 1000
Tab. Ponstan Forte - 1000
Tab. Pontstan Plane - 500
Feldiene - 1000
Aminophylin - 500
Vetoline solution - 100
Tab. Ventoline - 1000
D/syringes 10cc
Inj Adrenaline - 500
Inj Atropin - 500
Inj Solucortif - 500
I/V Canula 20,224,186,166 size - 200
Inj Haemacel 500 ml - 1000
Surgical gloves - 1500
Food items
Oxygen cylinders
Polyfex ointment - 500
Cap. Imodium
Tab Entox P
Tab Spasmoeibalgin
Tab Bellodona
Tab Chlorphenarmin
Adhesive tape
Surgical bandage(4", 6")
Crepe bandage (4", 6")
Inj. Xylocaine 2% plain
Inj. Xylocaine with Adrenaline
Syp Paracetamol
Syp Brufen
Syp Amoxil 250 mg
Syp Gravivola
Syp Maxalon
Syp Spaslen
Syp Flagyl
Syp Metodim
I/V fluids :
(ringer 1000)
(D/S 1000)
(D/W 1000)
Inj Excef 1mg - 1500
Jansonaplkasin - 1500
Inj Tramol - 1000
Inj Nalbin1 - 500
Blood bags with sols. - 2500
Inj. Gravinate - 2000
Inj. SALINE - 2000
Catgut - 1500
Cotton roll - 1000
D/S syringe 500 cc
Cap Velosef 500 mg - 150
Guaze piece - 1000 meters
Tab Brufen 400mg - 1000
Syp Brufen - 1000
Syp Augmentin - 400
D/S syringe 1cc - 500
Tatauix - 500
I/V Caula 22 size - 1000
Glysilk - 2000
Tents - 300
Blankets - 1000
Bed sheets - 40
Patient clothes - 100
Plastic sheets 6* 6 thick for the floor
Winter clothing

Monday, October 03, 2005

Appeal from SHM

(MAD Club Independent Project IX)

(Contact Person : Mamoon Akhtar, shm7@rediffmail.com)

For a brief introduction on SHM, click here.

Here is a letter from Mamoon Akhtar, the visionary young founder of the Samaritan Help Mission (SHM). Please help as much as you can. For details, email Mamoon Akhtar directly.

(Transcript of letter dated 24-Sep-05)

First of all I would like to convey my heartiest thanks and love from my very poor but loving family of 400 Children of Samaritan Help Mission.

Our Motive is to help the people on need not on creed.

Note that our area Tikiyapara in Kolkata is a muslim dominated area having 80% muslims and 20% non-muslims. The beneficiaries of SHM Project consist of the same ratio. Due to poverty, illiteracy and ignorance, children have been involved in drug trafficking and peddling. Women are been exploited by the Drug Mafia. Our Mission is to save the children from the clutches of the Drug Mafia and also the women. By making them empowered, the daughters of the MILLAT will not have to sell their conscience and dignity to bring a daily loaf of bread for her family and children. In the past, those children who used to stand on the street selling drugs and waiting for the customers, now come on time, books in polythene bag in their hand, to SHM.

Thank you for asking how you can support SHM. Note that we have limited resources. The Almighty has Sent Shri Ramesh Kacholia Uncle & Mrs. Lee Alison Sibley W/o Ex-US Consul General in Kolkata who send most of the support from their personal resources as well as garner support from their well wishers and friends. The local individual interested person donates to the SHM cause in the shape of Rs. 100/- or Rs. 50/- per month. Besides, children give Rs. 5/- per month. Many people come and donate copies, books, pencils etc to SHM, on the eve of their children's birthday. We motivate people to donate pencils, copies, pencils boxes on the eve of their children birthday so that children will develop the feeling of giving and helping the fellow human being. As the IDD & Durga Puja is coming near we have motivated the local people to help us so that we could give the underprivileged old aged and orphan children of SHM clothes in Durga Puja & IDD, which we do every year.

We appeal to the people to help us with whatever capacity they have so that we an run our Educational, Vocational Training and other projects smoothly. We can give the honorarium to our Girl Volunteers who are college Going Students, and they render their services for teaching these unfortunate children, in lieu they receive honorarium of Rs.125/- each so that they could pay their college fees and continue their studies. They all come from poor families.

We humbly request you to help us under your capacity and tell your friends and well wishers to help SHM cause in the name of their late beloved ones. We need support for running of our Illiteracy Elimination Program, Vocational Training Program, Computer Literacy Program, and Sponsorship of Orphan or underprivileged Girl or Boy for continuing their studies.

Please note we are running our School in three shift in 600 sqft of Land. In the past we had only one class room running classes upto I & II, but with Ramesh uncle's personal support and support from his friends, we have been able to build one additional room, and are now running classes upto Class I, II, III, IV.

We are trying to get a land for the school so that we could start school upto class X, and maintaining the corpus fund for it. Hence we request you to support us under your individual capacity for running of the SHM programmes. The support of people will make our mission more strong.

We request you to donate a portion of your heart to the most needy and unfortunate children and ensure them to the holistic approach to education. We shall be happy if you always write few lines to us, which will give us encouragement.

Your brother with love

Mamoon Akhtar.



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